I Work as An Escort

As far as anyone who knows me through my working life is concerned, my name is Valentina. That is not the name my close friends and family know me as, though. I think of it as a stage name. I have two degrees from Moscow University (English and Chemistry – yes I know it is a weird mix, but I once thought about working in pharmaceuticals) and an IQ of 144. I work out about two hours a day, I do not drink much and I never do drugs – though I might pretend to from time to time! I got into this profession on the recommendation of a student friend who travelled to the Mediterranean every summer while we were at university and I did not understand how she came back with so much money as well as the tan.

I travel where I want and I work where I want. I set my own prices. I decide what I will and will not do with clients. I decide which clients I will and will not see. When I am in Geneva I work as one of the women that escorts Geneva residents and visitors for money. And lots of money at that! And I am happy doing it.

I have sex with men for money. I also have dinner and drinks with men for money. I dance at nightclubs with men for money. I talk to men for money. I have sex with other girls for money. I have sex with couples for money. I take part in orgies if my clients want me to and if they pay me money. I let men take me shopping and buy me things for money. I never let men buy me things instead of giving me money. That is what the stupid girls who will not last do.

I am not like the silly women who think that a man who has sex with them and gives them a handbag or an expensive pair of shoes is going to become their boyfriend and fall in love with them. I meet a lot of women who are hookers but who do not think of themselves that way. But I do, and I know their male friends do, because many of them then see me to have sex for money. I am right at the top of the prostitution business. And I am mainly there because I treat it as a job and have no illusions.