Artificial Vaginas And Other Great Sex Toys For Men

It’s almost 2020 and it’s time to admit that we all love pleasure. Women are exploring their sexuality more and more, using sex toys and other tools. However, men are a bit behind in the sex toy race.

You can’t say that they are not interested, but they are also not as excited about it as women. And yet, the research shows that using sex toys can be extremely beneficial for both parties in a relationship.

Artificial Vaginas And Other Great Sex Toys For Men

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So, let’s explore male sex toys!

Why Men Use Sex Toys Less?

Men abstain from sex toys for various reasons. The most important reason is that they are used to their own hands. They have spent years perfecting every element of their own masturbation and it seems as if nothing can top it. So, in their minds, there’s no point in spending money on that.

They are also reluctant because owning a sex toy means that you have to do a lot of cleaning and sterilizing. Sex toys for men also often look very strange and men aren’t interested in putting something dangerous in that zone.

However, this all becomes irrelevant when you look at the fact that men could have better, stronger, more intense orgasms, if only they used sex toys every now and then.

Why Use Sex Toys?

While many believe that human touch – whether through masturbation or with another person – is the best, this notion is simply not true. Sex toys are designed by scientists who spend years researching pleasure and orgasm. They use all of that data to create the best solutions for both men and women.

With all of this availability and open-mindedness, you would be wrong not to use your whole toolkit. Most of these toys are not expensive, and will certainly provide a great return of income once you try them out.

Sex toys also have this great ability to reach the spots that you or your partner can’t reach, no matter how flexible you are. Just like your penis will never vibrate, your partner (or your hand) will never be able to stimulate your prostate while jerking you off.

But, a simple tool can do all of that.

And once you try them out, you’ll never want to stop using them.

The Best Sex Toys For Men

There are many different brands on the market and they spend a lot of time perfecting their products. However, there are certain types of products that are just essential, no matter who makes them. Here they are:

Artificial Vagina

This tool is an amazing replacement for the real deal. They can actually feel like the real vagina. The best of them will start really narrow at the top – just like real ones – and slowly allow you more space as you push further. Just take a look at any list of fake pussies, and you’ll find the best one for you.

Discreet toys

Every man needs a discreet toy that they can take anywhere with them without it being too obvious. This tool is supposed to be small and it should only be used for quick masturbation (although you can use it however you want). However, it’s essential.

Prostate Massagers

We’ve already covered that men neglect their prostate – the location of their G-spot. Be aware that you are missing out and that no amount of masturbation will give you an orgasm as great as a prostate massager will. This tool is a bit bigger, but it certainly has a ton of value.

Best of Both Worlds

If you want a tool that will both please your lady and make you orgasm like crazy, it’s time to try out one of the tools that will do that. How this works is these toys have a part that goes around your penis and one that grips your balls. During penetration, you’ll feel amazing and be able to do it for a lot longer, while the part that goes around your penis will vibrate and stimulate the clitoris.

Put a Ring on It

Cock rings are now famous, but there are actual toys that vibrate around your penis and stimulate it. This will feel amazing for your shaft, and even your partner. This tool is also very discreet, so you’ll be able to easily carry it anywhere with you.

Butt Plug

Not many men are willing to admit that they would enjoy some but play. However, it can be an amazing experience for you, especially if you opt to use it during intercourse. Of course, there are dildos that can be used specifically for that purpose, but if you want to start small, get a vibrating butt plug and start exploring the world of male anal enjoyment.

Blow Job Tools

While blow jobs are amazing on their own, especially when performed well, having extra help is never a bad idea. So, why not try out a blow job sex toy? These are usually sleeves that go around your base and it simulates deep throating where your partner still doesn’t have to deep throat you. There are also sex toys that allow you to have a full-on blow job even without a partner, so you might want to consider those too.

All in all, men should be able to explore the sex toy world just as much as women are. Enjoy your own orgasms and pleasure – and don’t be afraid to use some sex toy help.